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Mindful Cleaners
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Mindfulness in the workplace

As an employee of Mindful Cleaners we encourage the practice of mindfulness meditation, not only for the benefit of those who experience the result of your work, but for your benefit also. To help train the mind to gain clarity and calm in the moment, is a gift for all.

Our hope as an employee is to humble yourself on the ability to be mindful in the workplace, mindful in the moment. Which means paying attention in the moment. Patiently caring in the moment as we work.

Mindfulness is a meditation of focus, where we train the mind to come back to the present moment. A non judgmental, unfolding of experience moment by moment. It creates awareness and non attachment to the comings and goings that our mind experiences. It allows us to listen and comprehend better as we are paying attention in the moment, without judgment or distraction, just gentle clarity. The more we practice bringing our mind back to the moment, as we work and even converse, the better control we gain over our mind, actions and reactions in the moment. The more insight and wisdom we also gain and control over habits and reactivity.

'Insight Meditation' or vipassana is another name for mindfulness meditation. The practice of looking inwardly and seeing things as they are, is a practice which encourages direct observation of immediate experience of the body/mind process.

When our mind is busy, or distracted, fantasizing, racing from thing to thing, looking toward the future, or dwelling on the past, our attention is not in the moment. Which means we miss things as we clean and go about our chores. Because we are not in the moment, we are else where, we are prone to miss things, make mistakes or even hurt ourselves.

Patience is a strength that works well with mindfulness, the patience to bring your awareness back to the moment at hand, allows the emotions to stay calm and the mind follows.

Moment to moment as we work cleaning, we are aware of what we are doing, which makes us aware that what we are doing, we are doing well. 

As we work on the bathrooms, on the mirrors as an example, we are mindful we are cleaning the mirrors, taking a breath to step back and check our work, so they are clear and clean.

As we work on the sinks, we are mindful we are cleaning the sinks, that they are clear and clean as we rub and shine.

As we work on the urinals, we are mindful we are cleaning the urinals, that they are clear and clean all around, shiny and smell free.

As we vacuum or mop, we are mindful in the moment that we are vacuuming or mopping mindful, that the floor looks cleaner as we go.

It is an excellent discipline in the work place. As being mindful of what we are doing in each moment improves our ability in the job. Creates satisfaction that a job is well done, gains improved focus, making one able to achieve any task well that we place our minds on, and creates a happier atmosphere for all experiencing a clean environment, where a job clearly can be seen, to be done with mindful caring attention.